Pour rester sain d’esprit, il ne faut pas avoir peur d’avoir recours à un petit brin de folie.

Julie Belin-Roux illustrator/designer (Freelance)

Born in 1981, I grew up with a box of painting, pencils, books and a guitar as my best friends. Imagination was the only way for me to escape the reality of my life. I did not like school until 16 but life can be funny sometimes, I never stopped studying (English Civilization, Language and literature ; History/History of Arts; illustration …) and teaching until recently.

At the age of 37 I decided to be myself, to do the job I always wanted to do and to become a full time illustrator/designer. I started a training at the EDAA (Ecole d’Arts Appliqués) to become a professional.

I speak French (native speaker), English a bit of Spanish and Catalan. I’ve lived and worked in France, England and I am currently living in Spain (Catalonia)

Why SkizophreniArt ?

I am very traditional and conventional while my alter ego, Jaylee SkizophreniArt is quite the opposite. Skiing on an artistic schizophrenia is a way to free myself of the very strict education I received and to be more creative. Nothing is forbidden, everything is possible. It is a way to push the limits of my own creativity. Creativity is not limitless, every artist may have experienced a blank page syndrome. I did, not once, not twice, quite often actually. Why ? Because I am scared ! Scared to mess up, not to be good or talented enough. An artist can’t just ignore his/her own feelings. even a professional ! I decided to overcome those fears and to create this fearless and emotionless alter ego. Every strategy to produce, to create is a good strategy. This is my strategy : SkizophreniArt.